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(VG)(GF) Nutri-Bowl $18
Mix salad, broccoli, avocado, cherry tomato, tofu, edamame, quinoa, pumpkin and tahini dressing

(VA)(GF) Hash Benedict $18
Avocado, spinach, portobello mushroom, tomato, hollandaise, housemade hash, poached eggs (or Vegan tofu)

(VA)(GFA) Quesadillas (Contains Hazelnuts) $18
Roasted vegetables on tortilla with avocado mash, roasted truss cherry tomato, dukka and sour cream

(VG) Zucchini Corn Hotcakes $18
Avocado, tomato & cucumber salsa topped with green apple & elderflower dressing on zucchini hotcakes *requires 20 minutes

(VG)(GF) Pumpkin Salad     $10
Roasted pumpkins with cucumber, tomatoes and mix salad in Tasmania elderflower dressing

(VA)(GFA) Eggs on Wholemeal Sourdough $10
Choice of poached / fried / scrambled eggs/ vegan Tofu scramble

---------- # EXTRAS ----------
$4 ea.
hash browns / tomato / sautéed mushroom spinach / avocado / halloumi / toast / eggs hollandaise sauce / tempeh / tofu
VG ~ Vegan / VA ~ Vegan Available / GF ~ Gluten Free / GFA ~ Gluten Free Available.

All of our food is made garlic, onion, gelatin and alcohol free. Please advice If you have any allergies.

—# HUNGRY #— 

(VG) Curry Laksa - $18
Malaysian curry noodles with tofu, mixed vegetables and herbs
(Contains peanuts)

(VG) Stewed Tomato Noodle 紅燒麵 - $18
Our signature Taiwanese tomato broth noodle w. mixed vegetables and sour pickle
(Contains peanuts)

(VG) The SBJ 三杯蘑菇飯 - $18
Stewed king oyster mushroom shreds with basil, braised in our secret Asian 3-cup-sauce served with soy patty and Kai-Ian on brown rice
(Contains peanuts)

(VG) Bento Box - $18
Brown rice, spring roll, enoki tempura, soy patty, black beans and pumpkin salad

(VA) Thai Basil Rice 素打拋飯 - $18
Stir fry mince tofu served with roasted cashew, cucumber pickles, fried egg      (or vegan schnitzel patty)

(VA)(GFA) Japanese Curry Don - $18
Japanese vegetable curry on rice w. cheesy scrambled egg (or vegan schnitzel patty)

(VA) Sesame Tofu Burger with Chips - $18
Tofu patty w. mixed salad, red cabbage, carrot, tomato, cucumber & kasundi, drizzled and vegan dijon-mayo

(VA)(GFA) Lasagna with Green Salad - $18
Pumpkin, spinach, mushrooms baked in napoli & cream sauce
(VG*Contains cashew)

(VA) Pesto & Hazelnut Spaghetti - $18
Broccoli, sugar snap, avocado, salad mix and parmesan

Fettuccine Alfredo with Mixed Mushrooms - $18
Cream sauce with mixed mushrooms, sprinkled with parmesan and truffle oil

(VA) Okonomiyaki 大阪燒 - $18
Japanese pancake with cabbage, carrot and king oyster mushrooms drizzled with teriyaki and mayo and finally topped with seaweed and sesame *requires 20 minutes

Cheese & Vegetable Pancake with Salad 蛋餅 - $18
Our famous cheese, egg & vegetable pancake drizzled with teriyaki sauce

—# SIMPLE #—

(VG) Steamed Bun 刈包 (Contains peanuts) $12
Barbecue Tofu
Cucumber, sour pickle, coriander, chilli and peanuts
- Crispy Peking Beancurd
Lettuce, cucumber, daikon pickles and peanuts 

(VG) Thai King Oyster Mushroom $12
Light crispy battered oyster mushroom served with a spicy Thai dressing

(VA) Crispy Cilantro Crepe 香椿餅 $12
Folded unleavened flatbread with oil and minced cilantro, served w. Tzatziki sauce

(VG)(GF) Rice Paper Rolls (Contains peanuts) $8
2 freshly wrapped rice paper with tofu, vegetables and soft herbs, served w. lemon chilli dipping sauce

(VG)(GF) Edamame  $8
Soy bean pods tossed with salt, pepper and lemon

(VA) Hand-cut Sweet Potato Wedges $10
Served with sour cream

(VA)(GFA) Pumpkin Soup $10
Served with wholemeal sourdough toast

(VG)(GF) Chips & Dips  $8
Tomato / Wasabi Mayo / Sweet Chilli Sauce


(VG)(GFA) Avocado on Toast - $10
Sliced avocado on wholemeal toast

(VG) Nuggets and Chips - $12
Soy nuggets and chips with tomato sauce

(VA) Napoli Spaghetti - $12
Kids love it, enough said! (Contains peanuts)

Croissant with Eggs - $8
Mini croissant with scrambled eggs